Thursday, December 20, 2007

done with finals...

So, I am finally done with my classes... i actually enjoyed one of them, but the other will forever give me nightmares about microbes, and big lesbians with raspy voices. just to give you a sense of who was teaching my class, I did a google image search with my professors name... and the result is the picture you see before your eyes. no joke! although i'd say this picture must be a few years old as she weighs about 100 more pounds now, her face isn't that narrow anymore either.
Well as many of you know, I am engaged to be married. The tenative date is Nov 1, 2008. We start meeting with places (i.e. chuch, reception...) today... I can't wait! I guess I never realized how much went into planning a wedding. I think the biggest hurdle will be to settle on a dress, I have to lose weight first though. seriously, I'm fat. I think that I am about 55 pounds heavier than I was when I graduated high school, that's down about 25 pounds from when I got back from germany, but I still have about 20 to go before I will feel good enough to wear a dress on my big day. I still feel young and spry, but when i show up to play broom ball on tuesdays, they always ask me to be the goalie. now I think I know how greg goldberg felt... check that reference!
My job is going well, I've been working straight nights since this summer, and I prefer that. Other than having about 3 hours of sleep a day, it's great! Once I get accepted into the nursing program at my school, I will be done in just under one calander year with the program. I'll be able to stay at St. Luke's and work as an RN, until I can convince Jodi that life does exsist outside of the greater duluth/superior metropolitan area, and the iron range. i'd like to eventually end up somewhere else, at least the twin cities if not further. but that's a whole other post on my blog of life...


Aimee said...

Hey Jess,

Don't take this the wrong way, but I was hoping you'd lose a few lbs. before the "big day". :-D

Seriously, though, we're SO pumped that you guys are getting married. We have your picture on the fridge and every morning Peyton comes down and stands there looking up at it saying, "Yodi". I think she still remembers last Christmas when she camped out on Jodi's lap while eating popcorn out of the big Peyton's mind they've been BFF's ever since. Can't wait to see you guys and catch up! Love you both!!

Katie said...

This blog was the best part of my day.